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Hair Growth Serum with Chili Sead Oils

This product is made using only high quality natural ingredients. The product complied with latest EU requirements and has external professional assessment on its safety  and effectiveness.
0% chemicals, 0% synthetics, made from certified bio oils, bio extracts and natural vitamin Е.
How to useSpray a little serum on the hair and massage it well. Leave it for about 20 minutes, wash with shampoo and rinse it thoroughly. Avoid contact with the eyes with the serum!
Active Ingredients
Chili seed oil: it is a powerful hair-growth stimulant; prevents hair thinning. It has a slightly stinging effect that warms the scalp and increases blood flow to the hair follicles. The improved circulation revives the hair which becomes visibly thicker, longer and radiant. It stimulates the growth of new hairs for bigger volume.
Castor oil: it contains about 90 % ricinoleic acid thus making castor oil the best natural stimulant for hair growth and for restoration of healthy hair. Only after a couple of weeks the hair looks visibly thicker and healthier; reduces hair thinning, strengthens hair tone, restores its elasticity and radiance.
Argan oil, known as the liquid gold of Morocco: it is rich with unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6), natural antioxidants, polyphenols, anti-age vitamins F and E, triterpene alcohols, sterols, carotenoids, xanthophylls, triglycerides and etc. It makes the hair radiant, vital, full-bodied and irresistibly soft.

Jojoba oil: It is rich with iodine, fatty acids, vitamins С, Е and B and copper, zinc, chrome and silicon. Its chemical composition is almost the same as the human sebum, which allows quick absorption with no residual grease or allergic reactions. It deeply nourishes and moisturizes the scalp, reduces dandruff, reinforces hair, regulates hair thinning and restores the shine of the hair.

The Unique Healing Properties of Lye

Lye is an end product in salt production in Pomorie. Obtained from rap (water pond) of Pomorie Lake, after evaporation of the water in the salt pans and the crystallization of salt. It stays above salt layer as thick oil like liquid with yellow-brown color. This tehnique of salt and lye production dates from centuries. This kind of salt production is unique, because all microbiological and mineral substances of sea water are saved. There are only several places in the World where the salt is produced from salt sea water, through water evaporation. The whole area around Pomorie salt lake is protected by European Union, because of its unique essence, and tourists from all around the world come to learn about this ancient technology and tradition.
Main elements contained in lye are calcium, sodium, magnesium, chlorine, bromine, sulphates, hydrogens, many trace elements, organic substances and others.


Compress with Lye :
The lye is heated necessarily in a water bath to a temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius. Moistened cotton fabric with heated lye and patient becomes wrapped twice with compress placed along the affected nerve, then isolated with nylon screw with a towel or cloth. The compress lasts from 15 minutes to several hours. For better effect it is recommended to do 12-14 procedures during the month.
Can apply compresses with the cold lye (cold compress) if this person can not bear the warm compress or varicose veins.
Massage :
The use of massage products with lye helps for even stronger effect of healing massage:
  • acceleration of metabolism;
  • restoring the balance of the nervous and muscular system;
  • reduce muscle pain;
  • prevent cramps;
  • strengthening of hair, skin, nails.
Massage / or rubbing in a circular motion / is the best way to use lye at home because it does not require any special equipment. Rub lye / gel or oil / on the whole body or only those affected by pain and stiffness places and remain spread from 20 minutes to several hours until the lye absorbed and remain only salt.
Baths with Lye:
 500 – 2000 ml. of stabilized black sea lye is poured into a bath with a volume of about 60-70 l. Bathwater should be at a temperature about 38 degrees Celsius. Stay in 15-20 minutes. The bath is relaxing muscles, mineralizing and relaxing whole body effect. Remove the fatigue and stress of the body, improves stamina.
Local baths with Lye:
Local hot tubs on feets apply for colds. The water temperature should be about 38 degrees Celsius. When swelling of the feets or varicose veins make local cold baths feet. Stay about 10-15 minutes.Extremely nice and helpful is addition of various oils and extracts to lye baths such as extracts of juniper, lavender oil or other essential oils for personal preference.
Lye wipes are made of a body with the aid of a fungus necessarily on clean skin, so that the pores to be opened in order to enable them to penetrate the valuable minerals and trace elements.
The concentration is dependent on the sensitivity of the skin. Specially designed for frictions is ANCHIALO shower gel with 10% stabilized Black Sea lye. Also you can use a massage gel or oil with lye, or bath solution (Stabilized Black Sea lye).
The first procedure may be made with a lye solution with a – high dilution (maximum dilution 1:10 as content ANCHIALO shower gel) and any subsequent procedure concentration to increase. Stays are 5-6 min., Then the body is rinsed thoroughly with water.
Inhalations :
Inhalation with lye (2-5% solution with distilled water) was made in the inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Lye solution is inhaled through a special device / inhaler / and so falls directly into the lungs. Facilitate the treatment of chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks with Pure Argan Oil

When it comes to healing and preventing stretch marks, Argan Oil is your first choice. Argan Oil has acquired tremendous fame as a preventive and curative cosmetic product against stretch marks. It is very easily penetrable and absorbable oil leaving a silky feel.
Rich in antioxidants, Argan oil is naturally formulated to work in synergy with other essential components to substantially and quickly reduce the stretch marks. It is much better to preempt the stretch marks than to cure them. Regular application of Argan oil during pregnancy supplements the skin against the possible breakdown of the elasticity of skin. It prevents the breakdown of essential structural proteins like collagen and elastin. It also aids the skin to rejuvenate itself by the natural regeneration of Elastin and Collagen at the cellular level.
Concentration of Linoleic acid in Argan oil is three times higher than in olive oil. This essential fatty acid has a very pivotal role in the preservation of cell integrity. The higher the cell integrity the higher will be the elasticity of skin. High content of tocopherols in Argan oil gives it the ability to guard against the reactivity of free radicals. It is highly anti-stress and thus preserves the integrity and elasticity of skin and naturally protects it against oxidation. Firm and tight functioning of skin is dependent upon this elasticity and it prevents the external and internal damage to the skin. Argan oil also cures the discoloration of the skin resulting from stretch marks.
argantreeThe oil is extracted from the seeds of the Argan tree. In some forms of Argan oil the nuts are toasted before the oil is extracted, but maintain the maximum benefits from the oil for beauty purposes raw Argan oil is the best option. The oil contains large amounts of nutrients rarely found in nature, or in those quantities, those nutrients promote healing and cell growth leading to healthier glowing skin.
Argan oil has a lot of Vitamin E, an oil that has been proven to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks over time. It is also rich in other fatty acids that will help eliminate even extremely old stretch marks.
The oil is 100% natural, non GMO and free of fragrances or additives, making it safe for long term use.
To apply, place a few drops of Argan oil in the palm of your hand and applied directly to the affected area, massaging it into the skin. While most only apply it once a day, it can be used several times a day for quicker results. Because the oil is absorbed very quickly into the skin, there is little chance of staining clothing, or leading to an unsightly mess.
The oil is also safe for pregnant women, and can be applied to the stomach and helps to promote elasticity and prevent stretch marks from developing. Rub it on your stomach on a regular basis, preferably twice a day, to give your stomach the help it needs to grow as your baby does. This will help your skin gain elasticity, and withstand the challenges facing it.
Using Argan oil to heal or prevent stretch marks is also far cheaper than many other options. This amazing oil is relatively inexpensive, and because only a small amount is needed for treatment, it can be last a long time. Argan oil can also replace your night cream as an anti-aging cream, and can be used to treat dry hair, frizzy, and help nails grow.